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V.R. Ganti's latest post reproduces Jan 2016 post of his using my words in a twisted way

Last updated on August 16th 2016
The contents of my recent Facebook post,, are given below:

V.R. Ganti's latest post,, reproduces an earlier post of his,, dated January 27th 2016, where he has quoted me as follows:

In my considered view (SRI RAVI IYER OF PUTTAPARTHI), Shri R.J.Rathnakar is a very strong asset in this fight of Prasanthi Nilayam based Sathya Sai movement against Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF which is a MASSIVE DIVISIVE THREAT to Sathya Sai movement. Combating this serious DIVISIVE THREAT of Muddenahalli needs all kinds of capabilities including political power contacts, money power and the guts, commitment and stamina to fight it out to the finish. Some say that there is a DARK FORCE that is powering the Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF and that seems to explain how ICONIC figures of pre-Mahasamadhi Sathya Sai movement have got trapped in it. Shri R.J. Rathnakar contributes greatly to being a COMMITTED and DEDICATED OPPONENT to Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF. [If some readers don't know, on 24th Dec. 2015, on stage at Muddenahalli one of its leaders said that so called subtle Swami has asked him to open a (gambling) casino in Las Vegas, USA and that he is going to do it!!! This is the ATROCIOUS STATE OF AFFAIRS that Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF has created in the Sathya Sai movement.]

--- end extract from Mr. Ganti's post quoting me ---

Then in the same post, Mr. Ganti writes:

Everyone of us will surely agree that it cannot be open ended assignment for Rathnakar Garu. He has to accomplish it in a reasonable time. Already he has taken close to 5 years and so he cannot get more than a few weeks to complete the task on hand. In my opinion, he should be able to resolve the issue in just 4 weeks time. So Rathnakar Garu, kindly suggest the time frame you need for resolving the issue on hand and to accomplish the objective.

--- end Mr. Ganti's words ----

In Mr. Ganti's latest post referred earlier, (dated Aug. 10th 2016), which has reproduced his earlier post with above mentioned contents, he has tagged my name (along with some others), in a comment where he says, "Can we all take a Pledge to support RJR and rally behind him in his efforts to stop MHALLI DRAMA"?

My (Ravi S. Iyer) response:
****I view this as big drama from Mr. Ganti and do NOT want to be associated with it in any way.*****

[Update on 16th August 2016: Mr. Ganti has modified his comment to clarify that he did not refer to me, in the words that I viewed as objectionable.]
Now due to my acute discomfort about some derogatory language used by Mr. Ganti in a recent comment response by Mr. Ganti, I have decided to not comment on Mr. Ganti's posts unless he deletes the derogatory comments. I have given the relevant comment exchange later on in this post.

So I have put up this Facebook post on my Facebook Timeline to inform interested readers about the matter.

I also felt it appropriate to mention that Mr. Ganti when reproducing his previous post referred earlier, whose extracts have been given above,, dated January 27th 2016, has conveniently omitted to mention the comments I made on his post to counter his twisted usage of my quote to suit his agenda.

Here is my main clarification comment from that post:

Ravi S. Iyer wrote on January 28th 2016 (slightly edited to fix typo):
I am glad to see this kind of post by Vr Ganti sir as the direction of the conversation is constructive though I do have some differences in opinion which I have given below. I thank Ganti sir for such a change in tone of conversation.

Now I have not said that Shri R.J. Rathnakar (RJR) alone can stop Muddenahalli false belief. What I have said is that, in my considered view, he is a strong asset in the fight against Muddenahalli false belief.

Mr. Ganti then says that he (RJR) has taken close to 5 years (in combating Muddenahalli false belief). Well, that is quite a provocative and rather inaccurate statement.

It is my considered view that Sashidhara Prasad continuing as vice-chancellor of SSSIHL (Sai University) till Nov. 2014 even when it became well known within Sai university that he is believing in Narasimhamurthy's dream instructions from around July 2011, along with SILENCE from SSSCT in informing the Sathya Sai fraternity about the state of affairs in the Sai university (even today they have not said anything publicly about it), contributed ENORMOUSLY to Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF taking strong root in some sections of Sathya Sai alumni community and then the wider Sathya Sai fraternity.

It was a BIG BLUNDER to have allowed Sashidhara Prasad to have stayed on till Nov. 2014. Given the conflict of interest, he should have been asked to leave the post, and SSSCT should have withstood any storm that would have been raised then. I believe in July 2011 or so, Sashidhara Prasad had threatened to resign from VC post (threatened to send his resignation letter by fax from Delhi, I was told) if sixth pay commission (significant) salary hike was not implemented by SSSCT in SSSIHL. Perhaps if he had been allowed to go then in July 2011, this Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF would not have grown so much as it is the Sai university alumni who have been the main force behind Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF. The sitting VC endorsing it made it so much easier for Sai university alumni (and, I am quite sure, many Sai university faculty & staff then) to associate with it.

Anyway, that's history now.

Today Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF is a BIG DIVISIVE THREAT. Rather than put out some impossible challenge to RJR to end the Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF in 4 weeks, I request Mr. Ganti and the Action group to share what exactly they had wanted SSSCT to do and which they feel SSSCT has not done.

From what I recall of past posts of Mr. Ganti, I have put down a couple of points and my thoughts on them:
a) SSSCT filing case on MDH using Names & Emblems act (or something like that) as the name, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, is a protected name as per amendments to some schedule of some section of the Indian constitution, if I recall correctly. I think SSSCT should put out their view on this matter to the Sathya Sai fraternity. Do they think that such a case would be difficult to win? What's the reason they are not considering this possibility?

b) SSSCT taking strict action on office bearers of official Sai orgn. who associate with Muddenahalli: I think this is important to do as otherwise the dual loyalty aspect will cause GREAT HARM to Sai orgn. If SSSCT is not taking such action then SSSCT should tell the Sathya Sai fraternity why they are not taking that action. In my considered view, it is fine if loss of some key persons due to such action results in temporary setbacks to Sai institutions and Sai orgn.


If Mr. Ganti and Action Group have some other suggestions related to combating Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF I request that they put it up on social media. All over the world, social media has become an important forum for policy discussions and for change. If the Sathya Sai fraternity is able to come together via social media discussions on some specific suggestions to combat Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF that it wants SSSCT to seriously consider, then I think SSSCT ought to look at it seriously and give its views on it PUBLICLY to the Sathya Sai fraternity. That will help remove any clouds of suspicion that Mr. Ganti and Action group seem to be having about SSSCT NOT WANTING TO ACT against Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF, but only putting on a show as if it is doing so.
--- end my comment ----


Update on 16th August 2016:
Mr. Ganti has modified his lick shoes comment to indicate that it was not referring to me. I thank him for the clarification. With that my issue with Mr. Ganti about this matter is resolved. I have deleted my comments related to that from the associated Facebook post (link given below).

I am retaining the contents below for my records.
--- end 16th August 2016 update ---

Here are some of the relevant comment exchanges between Mr. Ganti and me regarding derogatory language used by Mr. Ganti in a recent comment response by Mr. Ganti to my comment in his post, referred earlier,, dated August 7th 2016:

Ravi S. Iyer wrote on August 9th 2016:
In one of his comments, Ap Ramesh wrote:
Ap Ramesh ganti, you are using expressions which are horrible. you mean to say mr.iyer or somu ootla are licking the shoes of sri sri sri rathnakar garu.??? it is a very mean comment and requires to be rebuked.
--- end Ap Ramesh comment ---

Now I could not locate the comment of Mr. Ganti where he has used such words. But as Ap Ramesh's comment is still visible, I feel the need to retaliate using similar words. Such is life in social media when the conversation starts using such language.

If Mr. Ganti is saying that I am licking the shoes of xyz then I will say that Mr. Ganti is licking the shoes of former strongman of Singapore Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, and the shoes of current Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Please note that I hate to use such derogatory language. But I have no option but to counter-punch in this scenario. If Mr. Ganti would like to change the language of the debate to a polite one, I suggest he delete the comments having words about me licking shoes of xyz.

Thanks. Jai Sairam!
----- [Ravi Update: I was later able to locate Mr. Ganti's comment as the later comments below show.]------

Mr. Ganti responded:
Hello Sir - i wrote that probably I should not have used those words and said sorry. Did you not take notice of that. Please you were not like that at all. Have a look - Can we talk of the main point - WHO IS TRYING TO HUSH UP THE MATTER?

Ravi S. Iyer responded:
You are still saying you probably should not have said that!!! What do you think sir!!! Am I going to tolerate such words from you about me? I expect you to do a COMPLETE REVOCATION of those words. If not, I do not want to interact with you at all.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Vr Ganti sir, I presume you have read my above comment and have chosen to ignore it. In which case I have to say Sayonara to you as I am not comfortable about arguments using language of licking shoes. Thanks for all the courage and perseverance you showed in your work exposing Muddenahalli group FALSE CLAIMS. I think that part of your work will go down in Sathya Sai movement history as a signal contribution from you. All the best. Thanks. Goodbye.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Alok Dara Shikoh, My issue is that I can't handle debates where arguments are made that I lick shoes of xyz. That kind of debate is not my cup of tea. I sure can handle disagreements, and have publicly disagreed with Mr. Ganti many times in the past.

Vr Ganti wrote:
Ravi S. IyerAlok Dara Shikoh - I cannot locate that particular comment of mine. Moreover I am having some issues with my vision these days. I dont think I would have referred Ravi Iyer in that comment. It is AP Ramesh (in fact I dont think he is real person or at least the person who is making comments on FB. In any case, if any of you do not want to participate in debates / comments it is perfectly fine.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
OK. Vr Ganti sir. I appreciate your willingness to look for the comment. I will point it to you after I take a break for some time. Thanks for your co-operation, sir.

Vr Ganti wrote:
To be honest, I dont like to use any foul language in my posts on FB and Mr. Ravi knows about it.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Here's a pic of the first comment by you, Vr Ganti sir, where you have made the lick shoes comment (highlighted). The pic will help you locate the comment in this post easily. I suggest you delete the comment.
---- [Have attached the pic to this FB post]

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
If the above pic takes time to load you may be able to first locate my comment starting with the words, "Ravi S. Iyer [Responding at outer level for better visibility] Appreciate your words, Ap Ramesh sir. I entirely agree with you that Mr. Ganti has made a mountain of a mole hill here, using the name of Somu Vootla. The poor man has been ". Your comment, Vr Ganti, is a reply to this comment of mine.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Here's a pic with Ap Ramesh's comment using the lick shoes comment you used earlier. I suggest you delete this comment of Ap Ramesh. You, Vr Ganti sir, have responded to this comment. If you delete Ap Ramesh's comment your comment too will get deleted.
---- [Have attached the pic to this FB post]

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Vr Ganti, if the above pic takes time to load, you may be able to locate the lick shoes comment of Ap Ramesh at the top level starting with words, "Ap Ramesh ganti, you are using expressions which are horrible. you mean to say mr.iyer or somu ootla are licking the shoes of sri sri sri rathnakar garu.??? "

Ravi S. Iyer wrote (on Aug. 9th 2016 at 10.34 PM):
Vr Ganti, if and when you do the above, I shall delete all the comments of mine related to the lick shoes stuff. That will resolve the matter as far as I am concerned. I will then be able to communicate again with you on matters like Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF. I do NOT want to get involved with your criticism of SSSCT or Prasanthi Nilayam. I am a supporter of SSSCT and Prasanthi Nilayam. Further, I respect the close family members of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who are holding important trust positions, namely, Shri R.J. Rathnakar and Smt. Chetana Raju. I do not want to have any association with anything that is creating trouble for them and is having nasty criticism of them (like the post of Stephen Rexford and some posts of you, Vr Ganti sir).
========== end comment exchange between Mr. Ganti and me on the derogatory words ============

So far (Aug. 11th 2016 at 9.47 AM, IST) Mr. Ganti has not deleted those comments. Neither has he responded to my comments giving him the pics which clearly show (with highlighting) the concerned comments. So my view is that Mr. Ganti has not done his fair share to resolve the problem by corresponding with me further to help him delete the derogatory language comments. So I have decided to abstain from commenting on his posts.

[Pics attached to FB post are given below. To see screen shot pics below in full resolution, open pic in new tab/window (in Chrome browser, mouse right-click on pic, followed by Open link in new tab/window).]

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