Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Firing guns at Hindu marriages can turn out to be deadly! Religious groups flaunting guns is terrifying

Please note that this post is about a disturbing event in north west India yesterday, 15th Nov. 2016, in which one person died and a few people got injured. Please skip reading the rest of this post if you get disturbed by such posts.

This is FOR REAL!!! I have never participated in a Hindu (or other religion) engagement/marriage function in Mumbai or in South India where people fire guns. But I have read about reports of such engagement/marriage celebration in North India.

The video linked below makes it so real and so horrifying! You can see men and a Hindu-religious-order lady (a sadhvi) firing guns in celebration! One of the guns seem to have been fired in a horizontal position instead of vertical, resulting in a bullet killing one person and perhaps another/more bullet(s) injuring others.

The combination of religion & guns, especially when flaunted around in this pretty intimidating fashion, is so terrifying! I think the government should take steps to prevent such flaunting of guns by religious order heads and their supporters. [Religious order heads, in India (and, I guess, elsewhere too), being protected from attack by others by licensed gun-wielding security staff or guns wielded by the religious order head himself/herself (provided he/she is licensed to have & use a gun) is a different matter, IMHO. That gets into the area of justifiable self-protection and self-defense, IMHO.]

Note that all of the conversation in the video is in Hindi/Punjabi.
Karnal Sadhvi Deva Thakur Live Marriage DJ Firing 1 Mahila Ki Maut Or 3 Ghayal Must Watch & Share,, 10 min 22 secs, published Nov. 15th 2016

Here's a Times of India report on it, Sadhvi Deva Thakur's celebratory fire kills 1 in Haryana,, Nov. 16th 2016

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