Monday, November 7, 2016

Russian president Putin in 2001 on Christian Muslim harmony in Russia

Given below are content and some comments from my Facebook post,

Russian president Putin, in 2001, saying that Russia is a unique place as Christians and Muslims have lived in it in harmony for centuries., around 2 mins.

He talks about his interaction with an Egyptian president in the Kremlin where the Egyptian president tells him that he knows about the (incidents depicted in the) Biblical pictures put up on the wall in the room where they were then, as all of that is in the Koran too!!

Ravi: I am glad to hear such messages from Russian president Putin.

In response to a comment mentioning Chechen wars, I responded (slightly edited):
Thanks for your criticism --name-snipped--. I am spreading the message about religious tolerance and religious pluralism, whether that comes from President Obama of the USA, or President Putin of Russia or Prime Minister Modi of India.

I (Ravi) commented in response to continued comment on Chechnya:
Over the past few years, as I have got into playing this role of social media writer on spirituality & religion, promoting religious tolerance and religious pluralism which I think fits in very well with Swami's teachings, I have realized that I need to be publicly neutral on most political and regional conflict matters.

So whether it is Chechnya or Israel-Palestine or Kashmir in India, I try to steer clear from commenting publicly on these matters.

Instead I try to promote and support the initiatives related to religious tolerance and religious pluralism, without getting involved in political and regional conflict issues.

You are in Israel now, I believe. I have PRIVATELY read & viewed fair amount of material giving Israel's view of the Israel-Palestine conflict, as well as the Arab view of it (and that of Iran, now perhaps the biggest enemy of Israel). It is a nightmarish scenario NOW (and not a past situation like that of Chechnya or Britain-Ireland).

Rather than getting involved in arguments over Israeli-Arab (and Iran) conflict and enmity, what I do now is that if I see a religious tolerance message which I like from Israel or from Arab nations (and Iran), I spread it.

Perhaps you cannot accept messages of religious tolerance from political leaders who you view as hypocrites. That's fine with me. I mean, that is your choice.

But my view is that political leaders of powerful nations wield enormous power. So a Russian president saying words related to harmony between Islam and Christianity must be appreciated, especially in today's context where some political leaders of at least one powerful and majority Christian country are openly critical of Islam, which leads to a culture of intolerance of Islam in that country.

You may disagree with my view about not getting involved with political and regional conflict background of political leaders whose quotes on religious tolerance that I share. That's fine brother. We can politely agree to disagree on this point.

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