Sunday, December 24, 2017

Some Christian worship song videos in English and Indian languages (Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and Malayalam)

Mariah Carey - Joy to the World,, 5 min. 31 secs.

Here are the lyrics:

Mariah Carey - O Holy Night,, 4 min. 47 secs.


For a God and religion crazy Indian guy like me, the finest, noblest and spiritually uplifting moment of former USA president Obama's tenure as president was when he, as president, as part of his eulogy, sang a few lines from Amazing Grace and then spoke about Grace on those God-loving people of the church in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, who had fallen victim to a young madman's hatred against them in mid 2015 ( Here's the video clip:, 2 min. 30 secs.

The lyrics corresponding to the lines he sang are given below (from

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;
Was blind, but now I see.

A soulful Telugu Christian worship song, Neevunte naaku chalu Yesayya,, 9 min 28 secs.

Nice Hindi Christian song, Ibadat Karo,, 5 min. 37 secs.

Another nice Hindi Christian song this time with English subtitles, Neki ki Raah,, 4 min. 41 secs.

The first two lines of the song are:
Neki ki Raah pe tu chal
Rabba rahega tere sangh

which means (my translation to English slightly different from what is shown in the video):
You walk on the path of righteousness
(Then) God will be with you

Sweet Tamil Christian song, Nambi Vanthaen,, 5 min. 48 secs.

Devout Marathi Christian prayer song, Mala Buddhi de Prabhu,, 5 min. 31 secs.

Sweet Malayalam Christian song, Othiri Othiri Snehichorellam,, 6 min. 5 secs.

Malayalam Christian song sung by a congregation; gives an interesting view of this form of worship in some churches in Kerala (I guess the location is Kerala), Yeshu Nallavanallo,, around 10 mins.

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