Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Conveying why my Existential reality; Vedanta; God & Science conversation iami1 blog book may be of some interest to open-minded (hard science) scientists and social science researchers

As I am doing a small bit of promotion of my Existential reality; Vedanta; God & Science conversation blog book (based on my iami1 blog), over email and word-of-mouth, I am exploring which parts of the book would be interesting to different types of people.

This is how I attempted that when corresponding recently with an eminent Indian researcher and author in the field of social sciences:

I would like to add that the big questions of humanity like:
* Who am I? Who are we?
* What really is our existential truth?
* Did we have a past life before we were born (this birth)?
* What happens to us after death?
* Is there a just divine power (law of Karma in Hindu traditions)? etc.,

as of now at least, are beyond the pale of mainstream science (parapsychology is not accepted as a regular science by mainstream science).

It is wonderful to see scientist truth-tellers like Dr. Francis Collins, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Collins, clearly spelling out the limits of science in our current early 21st century times, and exposing the weaknesses of arguments put forward by some scientists like Dr. Richard Dawkins, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Dawkins, who try to disingenuously (using rather crooked logic and crooked phrases e.g. 'The God Delusion') spread the view that there is no God and that all claims of paranormal powers (including miracles) are fake. The truth is that Dr. Dawkins cannot be 100 percent sure of it. He may simply not have been exposed to paranormal powers, and therefore, going by his life experience, he generalizes that nobody has experienced paranormal powers, and that any such accounts are fake! That is science fanaticism. That attitude is not worthy of a genuine truth-seeker and a genuine truth-teller.

Dr. Collins lays out the case brilliantly for being a rigorous scientist who has high standards of data/evidence while working in the realm of science, but who knows that the big questions are not answered by science today. That's where belief in God as well as belief in divine revelations by divine beings who visited planet earth over the ages, can play an important role in a scientist's life without diluting or weakening the scientist's high standards of data/evidence for conclusions arrived at, in the realm of science.

I added that the free ebook (pdf) can always be easily accessed at the (global) Internet Archive here: https://archive.org/details/20180424EbookNotPrintColourCoverBWContentsA5WhoAmIIAmINGodNScience.

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