Monday, March 30, 2015

PM Narendra Modi conveys thanks for book sent by differently-abled & spiritually-abled Puttaparthi Sai devotee author

I was very happy to see that Indian Prime Minister Hon'ble Shri Narendra Modi conveyed his thanks via a letter sent by his Private Secretary to Shri Sai Kaustav Dasgupta for sending him his book on his Swami experiences. The cover of the book and the letter is shown in pic below (note that Sai Kaustuv was OK with this pic being shared on the blog). [You may click on the pic to see it in high-resolution and click outside the high-resolution pic to get back to the blog post].

Sai Kaustuv is a differently-abled and spiritually-abled Sai devotee based in Puttaparthi whose Sai journey is a very inspiring experience, especially for people who are beset by difficulties. I think difficulties of most people, including mine, pale to almost nothingness in comparison to the challenges faced by Sai Kaustuv. And if Sai Kaustuv can overcome such challenges and be a great contributor to the Sathya Sai movement, why can't you and I with our typically much smaller challenges, take inspiration from him and try to contribute whatever little bit we can to the Sathya Sai movement or any other beneficial work for society?

Heartiest congratulations to Sai Kaustuv as well his parents and younger brother for this touching gesture from hon'ble PM. The support provided by Sai Kaustuv's family for his activities is vital, IMHO.

Given below is a slightly modified extract from a mail from him on his book and how to procure it:

MY LIFE, MY LOVE, MY DEAR SWAMI: The book contains my journey towards Bhagawan and my experiences, miracles and insightful thoughts on Bhagawan and His saga of selfless love towards me. The book carries His chosen Divine Droplets and my journey from Kaustuv to Sai’s Kaustuv. The book is His Miracle and I’m just an instrument to pen down this eternal journey. I have tried to spread His message of Love around the world through this book.

The book is available in my house at Puttaparthi and with my dad in his two wheeler. I have no intention to get profit from this book as it is a way to spread Bhagawan's message of love to more people. So I am taking only the printing charges for the book, so that we could reprint it again.

Each copy of MY LIFE, MY LOVE, MY DEAR SWAMI costs only Rs. 20.

There are three ways you could grab your own copy of “MY LIFE, MY LOVE, MY DEAR SWAMI”:

1. During your Puttaparthi Visit, just drop in to my house and get it directly from me. Just contact before coming and get the book​​ from my house.

2. If someone is visiting Puttaparthi from your place or from your nearby Sai Samithis/Centres, I could send your copies through them. In that case, pls tell them to contact me and visit my place to get your desired copy.

3. Third option is to courier the book to your postal address. Pls contact here for more details: 91 9490056253.

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