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Phyllis Krystal's former Guru, Nyaya Sharma in Bombay, died around 1973, due to black magic attack on him!

[Readers who get disturbed by such topics may please skip reading this post.]

Given below is a paraphrased account with one paragraph being reproduced, about Shri Nyaya Sharma and his death around and slightly before 1973, from Chapter 3 of the book, Sai Baba, The Ultimate Experience by Phyllis Krystal. [Google Books preview link to view page 18, first page of chapter 3 of this book:]

Krystal writes that in a visit to Bombay prior to 1973 and prior to coming to know about Sathya Sai Baba and taking his darshan, she and her husband had met a Guru, Sri Nyaya Sharma, who taught them a meditation technique and also a method of healing. Phyllis Krystal had kept in "close contact" with Nyaya Sharma through letters until his seemingly untimely and shocking death. Krystal writes that Nyaya Sharma reportedly materialized objects for his devotees but that she had specifically told him that she wanted to receive spiritual teaching and a meditation practice from him rather than material gifts associated with "psychic phenomena or magic". Sharma, who she says was from South India, nodded his head at her request and taught her and her husband a meditation practice.

Sharma had written to Krystal who seems to have been living in California, USA at that time, about a young man from Bombay who first was a student at M.I.T. (Massachusetts, USA) but then shifted to University of California at Santa Cruz. Sharma had asked Krystal to befriend (and perhaps help) this man. When Krystal came to Bombay on her trip to India in 1973, prior to meeting Sai Baba, she first met with this young man's parents in Bombay. I have given below the paragraph from the book where she describes what she learned about her former Guru, Nyaya Sharma's death.

--- start paragraph extract from Krystal's book ---

During the remaining few days of our stay in Bombay we visited the parents of Sharma's young protege, and learned from them the real cause of Sharma's death. He had been helping to free one of his followers from the clutches of a black magician. In retaliation this man turned his negative power onto Sharma and caused him to suffer a fatal heart attack. My first question was, "Why couldn't he protect himself?" They replied that he had tried to do so, as he had known his horoscope indicated that the specific time was approaching when he would be vulnerable to attack and might die. They hazarded a guess that the black magician was also aware of this critical time and made use of that knowledge to strike from a distance at Sharma's heart, which his chart also showed was his weakest organ.

--- end paragraph extract from Krystal's book ---

Ravi: I was born and bred in Bombay/Mumbai and an outlying town/city called Dombivli. I was born in Malad suburb of Bombay and spent boyhood in Dadar and Bandra (East) suburbs. I have also spent a lot of time in Chembur/Ghatkopar area as many of my close relatives lived (and continue to live) there. During my time in Bombay/Mumbai and Dombivli in the first four decades of my life, I would hear about black magic, evil eye & curses and the traditional wisdom that Hindu Vedic rituals and prayers to benevolent Hindu deities like Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Durga, Amba, Hanuman,  etc. as well as Hindu Vedic mantras like the Gayathri mantra keeps one safe from any black magic, evil eye & curses. Even though I did not know for sure about the power of black magic, evil eye etc., I would go through the rituals associated with benevolent deities and protection from such dark spiritual forces. As a Hindu Brahmin, Vedic ritual meant to be done by Brahmin families was part-and-parcel of life for me (inescapable, actually, unless one wanted to cut oneself off from one's family circles).

But I had never heard of anybody known to me dying of black magic, evil eye, curse etc. This is not to say that it did not happen. Of course, Hindu scripture has many such stories of evil eye and curses which are countered with grace from benevolent deities.

What Krystal has written above is quite stunning and scary. I think it is one thing for a devout Hindu, especially a practising Hindu Brahmin (the name Nyaya Sharma indicates a Hindu Brahmin), to use Hindu rituals and mantras and faith in benevolent deities to protect himself/herself from casual/random dark spiritual forces/black magic/curses. But it is another for a person to interfere in the work of a black magic practitioner by trying to rescue somebody from his clutches! That's when I think such a person would become a target of the fury of the black magic practitioner.

To read that Krystal came to know from what seems to be reliable sources that a former guru of hers in Bombay, Nyaya Sharma, died (around and/or slightly before 1973) from an attack from a distance by a black magic practitioner on him at a time when he was vulnerable and in retaliation to Nyaya Sharma trying to rescue somebody caught in the clutches of the black magic practitioner, is a very sobering lesson for me, a former Bombayite (Mumbaikar) who is now into reading and writing about spirituality & religion!

Today I believe that black magic, evil eye, curses etc. are real and not imaginary. We need to protect ourselves from such dark spiritual forces by praying to benevolent deities for such protection. I earnestly pray to Shiva Shakti Swarupa, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to protect the Sathya Sai devotee fraternity, including me, from any such dark spiritual forces.

[I thank Mrs. Phyllis Krystal (and and have presumed that they will not have any objections to me sharing the above short extract from their website on this post which is freely viewable by all, and does not have any financial profit motive whatsoever.]

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