Sunday, April 29, 2018

Added a Printed Blogbook menu link and related 'Printed Blogbook via Online Bookshop; Less Expensive Options' page to iami1 blog

Given below are the contents of which is the page shown on 'Printed Blogbook' menu link being clicked on my iami1 wordpress blog.

Printed Blogbook via Online Bookshop; Less Expensive Options Order Page for iami1 blog book printed under title of ‘The Ultimate Existential Reality Answer; Vedanta; God and Science’:

The book costs (as of April 2018) Rs. 159 plus shipping, and the book ships within India only. Note that there is ***zero royalty*** to me, the author, as per my choice, which makes this price to customer, the lowest possible price (on I also have to buy the book from at the same price.

The binding will be the Soft Cover binding used by regular paperback books which are sold in regular bookshops.

Note that the above book sale page says, “Processed in 3-5 business days. Shipping Time Extra”. The 3-5 business days processing is to print and bind copy(ies) of the book as ordered (Print-On-Demand). Then comes shipping (courier delivery) time.

Less Expensive Printed Book solutions

Alternatively, especially to reduce cost of the book, users can do free download of the document and cover page pictures for paper book print version from Then they can print and spiral-bind the document using services of printing & binding shops.

The typical charges (as of April 2018) from an online printing service in Delhi is as follows:

  • Around Rs. 43 (@ Rs 0.35 per page) for printing 123 double-sided A5 size pages of Black & White inner content of book on Normal 75 GSM paper
  • Around Rs. 10 for printing Colour Cover Front page on thick (230 GSM) Glossy paper of A5 size (and similarly around Rs. 10 for printing Colour Cover Back page).
  • Rs. 20 for spiral binding

That makes it around Rs. 73 (only cover front page) or Rs. 83 (both cover pages) for the spiral-binding book copy.

Shipping charge is extra, and in the range of Rs. 50 for 1 copy alone for shipping to South India. However, the shipping charge does not increase much for more number of copies. For example, even for 10 copies order, the shipping charge to South India seems to be less than Rs. 100.

Note that online printing shops also offer Soft Cover binding but its rate for 1 book copy is around Rs. 90 which makes it roughly as expensive as sold book (for 1 copy). For an order of tens of copies like 20 copies, some discount may come into play on negotiations with the online printing service provider/shop.

I have given below the website of one such online printing service provider based in Delhi. Note that I am NOT recommending this provider and do not benefit in any way if users/readers place any orders with them. I am sharing the info. only to provide a concrete example to users/readers.

I placed one order with them of a single copy without binding and found that they seemed to have done a good job. But that is no guarantee that users/readers who use this online printing website will have a satisfactory experience. It is a risk that they will have to take.

Tomorrow – 30th April 2018 (today they seem to be closed as it is Sunday), I intend to place an order with them of 10 to 20 spiral bound copies of the book to be delivered to my Puttaparthi flat, after speaking to them about some aspects of the order. I plan to use these copies as complimentary and/or promotion copies.

Here’s the Delhi based online printing service provider website that I have referred to above: PrintOnWeb (India), Here’s their Rate Calculator page:

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