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My comments about Muddenahalli group founder B.N. Narasimhamurthy's change of dress from 'Dhoti' to (Ganti sir term) 'Bollywood Actor'

V.R. Ganti sir put up this Facebook post,, recently having a pic of Shri B.N. Narasimhamurthy walking in a foreign country's (Switzerland according to this post of Terry Reis Kennedy, road with an attire that seemed to be more appropriate for what Mr. Ganti terms as 'Bollywood Actor'.

Mr. Ganti writes in the post (BNNM refers to B.N. Narasimhamurthy):

At onetime BNNM was considered an example of SIMPLICITY and today this guy thinks and dresses like a teenager. TYAGAJEEVI by his character (is) supposed to have detached himself from worldly pleasures but this DAIVA DROHI is full of desires and now those desires are getting satisfied one by one it appears.
--- end extract from Mr. Ganti's post ---

Given below is part of a comment exchange on the above post of Mr. Ganti:

Ravi S. Iyer wrote (slightly edited): Sad to see hero baazi (behaviour) from people who we thought would lead Sathya Sai mission as revered elders leading a life of nobility and simplicity. But then it is his life, and so his choice.

I personally have chosen to lead a mixed life - worldly as well as religious/spiritual. But then I never was part of the 'near and dear' group that was physically close to Swami and who clearly were designated by Swami as leaders, like Narasimhamurthy.

As Narasimhamurthy has chosen to be self-appointed Swami dream-instruction leader of part of Sathya Sai fraternity, and has chosen to appoint Madhusudan Rao Naidu as the so-called chosen communicator of Swami (FALSE BELIEF), I think Narasimhamurthy owes it to his following (Muddenahalli group) to drop his hero baazi and stick to his proud claims of being a Tyagajeevi spiritual leader.

Perhaps Narasimhamurthy can take some advice from the ****real**** Tyagajeevi of Loka Seva Trust movement, which is Shri Gangadhar Bhat sir of Alike.

Vr Ganti wrote: Ravi S. Iyer I don’t think BNNM needs any advice. He is more than capable of understanding and handling matters. He had taken to the path of deceiving the GOD. And so no one including GOD Himself can help

Ravi S. Iyer wrote: Vr Ganti sir, As I try to be fair in my posts and comments, I need to share the past circumstances under which Narasimhamurthy was removed as warden of PrasanthiNilayam campus and, after a break, made warden of Brindavan campus. I was informed of this by a reliable source a month or so ago.

It does NOT seem to have anything to do with any pilferage of funds as some have alleged. I must state here that so far I have not heard one allegation of pilferage of funds against Narasimhamurthy that has been backed by a reliable source known to me. So far, I have come up with ***ZERO*** credible complaints of pilferage of funds against Narasimhamurthy while he was in Sai university (SSSIHL), before Sathya Sai Mahasamadhi. [I am NOT SURE about his financial integrity related behaviour afer Mahasamadhi - April 2011]. I think that (financial integrity reputation prior to April 2011) is one of his very strong points along with his, as far as I know, blemishless celibacy record over the past decades.

What I was told by the reliable source was as follows:
Narasimhamurthy had asked for some glass screen/panel which magnified the small TV which was used to show some programs/videos to boys in Prasanthi Nilayam hostel. As there were many students the small TV screen was not good enough for all the students. The mistake Narasimhamurthy made was that he directly asked some donor to supply this without taking Bhagavan's permission. The donor sent the (magnifying) glass screen/panel to Bhagawan and NOT the hostel. So Bhagawan came to know of the matter (at physical form level itself). Bhagawan was furious with Narasimhamurthy for asking the donor directly and not asking Bhagawan for the glass screen. That was the incident or trigger-incident that led to Narasimhamurthy being removed as warden of Prasanthi Nilayam campus hostel.

Narasimhamurthy went back to Loka Seva Trust, his original group. But after a gap of some time, Bhagawan called him to take up position of warden of Brindavan campus.

That's the story.

Vr Ganti sir wrote (partial contents of comment): RAVI i S. Iyer GARU - The instance when SWAMI found BNNM’s hands were not clean was brought by me a couple of years back.

TGK also contributed to that story as being witness to that event.

There is no question at all - BNNM was not good man.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote: Noted your valuable input Vr Ganti sir. Perhaps you are right. Perhaps my reliable sources simply were/are not aware of these aspects that you mentioned with respect to Narasimhamurthy.

In response to a comment by Ganti sir which I prefer not to mention here, I (Ravi S. Iyer) wrote: Vr Ganti sir, my first proper/noted exposure as an adult to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was when I walked in to Dharmakshetra, Mumbai on one of my evening walks in the early 1990s (1992/1993). I was staying that time in nearby Takshila apartment complex. [I was told that my parents and siblings had taken me when I was a baby to Bhagavan's darshan in Bombay/Mumbai, at Worli if I recall correctly what I was told by my elder sister who is around 10 years elder to me.]

I read the sayings of Bhagavan on the walls of the Dharmakshetra hall and was struck by what I felt was the accuracy of it from a spiritual perspective. That made me inquisitive to know more about Bhagavan. Of course, Bhagavan was not there at that time in Dharmakshetra (in physical form). The book stall at Dharmakshetra provided me the means of knowing more about Bhagavan. That started me on my journey with Bhagavan.

Later I became a member of Sathya Sai orgn. Maharashtra, Dombivli samithi from around 1993/94 to 2002.

I benefited greatly from both Dharmakhetra (mainly its book shop but also the sayings of Bhagavan put up in the hall then, and Bhagavan's darshan once in Dharmakshetra) and the Sathya Sai orgn. Maharashtra.

Indulal Shah sir is a revered figure in Mumbai/Bombay and Maharashtra Sathya Sai circles. I thank Indulal Shah sir for his contributions towards Dharmakshetra as well as Sathya Sai orgn., both of which I benefited from.

I do not approve of Indulal Shah sir associating with Muddenahalli group, and do think that he lost his way in that regard.

But I do not want to get into any conversation that is critical of Indulal Shah sir on the lines that you have suggested.

I am grateful to Sathya Sai orgn. of India, and even though I am not a member of Sathya Sai orgn. or any other Sathya Sai institution today, I am a supporter and a well wisher of Sathya Sai orgn. and institutions. Thank you sir. Jai Sai Ram!

Ravi S. Iyer wrote: Vr Ganti sir, I have modified a sentence in my above comment to say, "So far, I have come up with ***ZERO*** credible complaints of pilferage of funds against Narasimhamurthy while he was in Sai university (SSSIHL), before Sathya Sai Mahasamadhi. [I am NOT SURE about his financial integrity related behaviour afer Mahasamadhi - April 2011.]"

As I thought about it, I realize that I have had interactions over the past few years with reliable sources about key aspects of Prasanthi Nilayam history with Swami playing a vital role in it. So I now have some idea of how things have been in Prasanthi Nilayam over the past three to four decades.

Whatever I was able to glean about Narasimhamurthy's history in Brindavan campus was through people from Prasanthi Nilayam who had stayed in Brindavan campus for some time.

And after Narasimhamurthy left Sai university and created Muddenahalli group (sometime around Swami Mahasamadhi - April 2011), I really don't have much reliable info. about financial integrity of Narasimhamurthy. I have heard allegations WITHOUT STRONG EVIDENCE which paint Narasimhamurthy as having financially benefited ***personally*** from Muddenahalli group donations. I have heard allegations that Narasimhamurthy used donations money to buy support for Muddenahalli group from some key people (of course, if these allegations are true, the money or gifts bought with that money, would be presented as 'prasadam' of so-called subtle body but the reality is that the money was used to influence them to support Muddenahalli group).

As Muddenahalli group financial details are not publicly shared even at a top overview level, it is difficult to assess the truth of these allegations due to lack of evidence.

What is clear though is that the Dhoti-clad Narasimhamurthy has undergone a dress change! Narasimhamurthy's nickname in his Sai university days was 'Dhoti sir'!

Does the outer dress change, as shown by the pic in this post, reflect an inner financial-integrity change (for the worse)? Has all the money that Narasimhamurthy has gathered in the name of so-called Muddenahalli subtle body corrupted his financial integrity leading to him pocketing some of that money as his 'commission'? I don't know. But given the blatant disregard Narasimhamurthy has shown to his Guru Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba by going against his teachings and instructions with respect to mediums and communicators (that he never communicates through them), that certainly is a possibility.

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