Sunday, June 24, 2018

Catholic priest and ex Vatican diplomat found guilty of possessing child pornography; DW documentary on battle against about child pornography in 2017

Sensitive post; Readers who don't like reading such sensitive stuff may please skip reading this post.

Tragic! Ex Vatican diplomat found guilty of possessing child pornography,

But good to see that the Vatican took action and jailed the concerned Catholic priest.

Hypocrisy is the issue here - sexual hypocrisy in particular. If he could not keep away from sexual stuff he should have given up his Catholic priesthood, become a layman and then engaged in sexual activities that are legal, and surely kept far away from anything related to sexual activities about children/minors (below 18).

But then perhaps he was unwilling to give up the money & comforts that came from his position as a Catholic priest, and work for a living like any other layman/laywoman. If so, that is really tragic for a person engaged in a spiritual quest as a supposedly celibate Catholic priest.

I wonder whether he has publicly shared his side of the story.

The battle against child pornography DW Documentary relating events in 2017,, around half an hour. The documentary seems to be from the famous German media house, Deutsche Welle,

As an Asian (I am an Indian living in India), I found it very disturbing and distressing to see in this documentary that poor slum children in a Manila, Philippines slum (in 2017) became victims of cyber child pornography with seemingly significant part of the "customers" coming from the Western world. I thank the documentary makers and the German government authorities for their efforts in tackling the "demand" side (in Germany partly, it seems) of the child pornography problem which, partly at least, ends up hurting poor children in Asia.

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