Friday, June 1, 2018

Sent mail on: Clarifications and questions about my ISBN application 5413|ISBN|2018|A made on 31st May 2018

A little while back (around 11 PM on 1st June 2018), I sent a mail to contact mail id of website which is , with the following subject: Clarifications and questions about my ISBN application 5413|ISBN|2018|A made on 31st May 2018

The mail content is as follows:

Dear sir/madam,

I made the ISBN application 5413|ISBN|2018|A on 31st May 2018. As it was the first time I was applying for an ISBN I may have made a mistake on an important matter.

The title of my book is: Who am I? I am I - Ultimate Existential Reality Answer; Vedanta; God and Science conversation

This title was not accepted by the online application for two reasons:
a) The maximum length of the title in the online application is 50 characters. The above title is 93 characters long.
b) The ? character was not allowed. Perhaps the semi-colon character may also not be allowed but I am not sure of that.

Also note that the ISBN application web page does not have any sub-title field. If it had that I could have explored the possibility of splitting my long title between a title field and a sub-title field.

I thought I will truncate the title to 50 characters in the online application and slightly modify the title to avoid having characters deemed illegal by the online application program. So I specified the following as the title:
Who am I. I am I. Ultimate Existential Reality Ans

But is that acceptable to your esteemed office: Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India? That is a vital question. If you are not willing to have an ISBN application which specifies a truncated and slightly modified title but the actual book title on the front cover page and inner title page is a longer title with even the initial part of the title being slightly different, then I would like to withdraw the ISBN application.

BTW here are books with an allotted ISBN which does not fit your online ISBN application criteria.

1) ISBN-13: 9781430265924, Book Title: Making Sense of Sensors: End-to-End Algorithms and Infrastructure Design from Wearable-Devices to Data Centers

[Sales page link:]

The title is 110 characters long whereas your online ISBN application webpage/program limits the title length to 50 characters. [BTW the co-author Ravi Iyer of this book is NOT me.]

2) ISBN-13: 9780399144462, Book Title: Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life

[Sales page link:]

This title has the character ? which is not allowed in your online ISBN application webpage/program. [It also is 86 characters long and so greater than your limit of 50 characters.]

I look forward to receiving your valuable advice and suggestions on this matter.

Thanks & Regards

Ravi S. Iyer
Social media writer on spirituality, religion and miscellaneous topics
Retired international software consultant

--- rest of email signature snipped ---

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