Monday, June 25, 2018

Updated paperback copies of iami1 blogbook have problem of unwanted colour dots/patches in front and back cover pages (pictures)

Last updated on 2nd July 2018

Today I got delivery of 3 paperback copies of my updated book, Who am I? I am I - Ultimate Existential Reality Answer; Vedanta; God and Science conversation,

Unfortunately the colour cover print for both front and back of book are not satisfactory. I have attached below pics of the front and back cover with problem areas marked. It seems that the dark red/purple colour from the title of "Who am I? I am I - Ultimate Existential Reality Answer; Vedanta; God and Science conversation" seems to have got spread around some other parts of the front page and back page pictures. [BTW please ignore the flash part of front cover pic towards the left-bottom area; that's introduced by the camera. The purple dots which are pointed out by arrows are NOT introduced by the camera. That's how the front and back cover page look.]

[To open pic in higher resolution, right-click on pic followed by open in new tab/window. In new tab/window you may have to click on pic to zoom in.]

This is how the cover page picture as submitted to is:

There has been minor adjustment of the cover page picture by which has not introduced any purple dots/patches as seen in the printed paperback copy cover pages. [I am not sharing's adjusted cover page picture as I think that may need permission from]

Readers can clearly see that the cover page picture that I submitted to (and also the adjusted picture used by for cover page printing) does NOT have the purple dots/patches that have spread around the front page cover and back page cover in the attached pics of the one of the copies of the 3 books delivered to me. All the 3 copies have the same problem.

The question for me now is how do we fix this problem for future? These 3 copies are a little embarrassing for me to hand over to others.

I have sought advise from on how to fix the problem. I would be glad to co-operate with to solve the problem. I am prepared to change the title colour from dark red/purple to black if that would help.

Another issue is that the printed ISBN barcode image is somewhat small. So I have prepared a full cover page picture with book title in black (not dark red/purple) colour and larger ISBN barcode image which is given below.


2nd July 2018 update: I received an email today from that the dots problem was due to a one off printing error and that these dots will not come in future prints.

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