Saturday, January 5, 2019

Petition Update: Will be sharing petition signature info. with Sathya Sai fraternity via social media from tomorrow

[This update was made a few minutes ago and is for our petition: The update text and attached pic are given below.]

As of 6.50 PM Indian Standard Time on 5th Jan. 2019, 283 persons have signed this petition.

Petition signers should please note that while signing the petition, they see a checkbox field labelled "Display my name and comment on this petition". By default this checkbox is checked/On. If they don't want their name (and city/town & country) and comment to be displayed/shared in the petition, then they ***MUST*** uncheck this checkbox.

Petition signers should further note that as the petition has been addressed to Sathya Sai devotee fraternity worldwide including alumni and staff of Sai educational institutions, the petition signature data (name, city/town & country, and comments) provided to me, the petition creator, by will be shared with the Sathya Sai devotee fraternity via public posts on social media.

This is how gives my own signature data in the PDF file it generates and allows me to download:
Name Location Date
Ravi S. Iyer Puttaparthi, India 2018-12-30

Also see attached pic which shows the beginning page (partially) of Signatures section of the petition signatures PDF file with most names except mine, masked out.

If any petition signer has NOT unchecked the "Display my name and comment on this petition" while signing the petition, but would NOT like his/her name (and city/town & country and comments) to be shared with the Sathya Sai fraternity on social media, they may please request that by writing to me at my public email id: .

I plan to publicly share the signer-names, place (city & country), date of signing and comments after 7.00 PM Indian Standard Time (IST) on 6th Jan. 2019 (tomorrow). Of course, this will be an intermediate stage document as the signing activity may go on for some weeks more.

Thanks. Jai Sai Ram!

[To open pic in higher resolution, right-click on pic followed by open link (NOT image) in new tab/window. In new tab/window you may have to click on pic to zoom in.]

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