Friday, February 5, 2016

A shaayari on enmity and friendship that I had shared with Mr. Ganti around two weeks ago

[Given below are contents of my recent Facebook post, A shaayari (short Urdu poem) on enmity and friendship that I had shared with Mr. Ganti around two weeks ago,]

I felt it appropriate to share this with FB readers (including bro. Clive Raj Valydon).

--- start extract of segment from my mail to Mr. Ganti around two weeks back (slightly edited) ----

I recall a shaayari said by then opposition leader Smt. Sushma Swaraj (now External Affairs minister) during UPA II govt. of Dr. Manmohan Singh, in Lok Sabha (Indian Parliament House of Commons equivalent). She said (as I recall it; so some word(s) may be slightly modified):

Dushmani Jam Kar Karo
Magar Ye Gunjayish Rahe
Phir Kabhi Hum Dost Ban Jaye
To Sharminda Na Ho

[My not-so-great English translation of the above shayiri:
Engage in battle/enmity with full force
But bear in mind that
When/if we become friends again
We do not get embarrassed.]

So Ganti sir, let us engage politely but passionately on different sides of this matter in FB debates, bearing in mind that it is only a passing phase, and that we will get back (hopefully) to FB conversations later when we are on the same side.

--- end extract of my mail segment to Mr. Ganti ----


  1. When I wrote An Open Letter to Sai Devotees then Mr.Ganti called me a Funny Girl and ignorant. I accepted his comment of funny girl as a compliment. I don't mind being funny. Being funny adds fire to our wit and humour and helps us stay young. In fact, I believe all of us are ignorants. If we shed our ignorance we all would be perfect and then find our way straight to God. You see why I'm saying so. When a child takes birth he knows world is full of sorrow but he has certain aims and then he achieves them, like this he goes on multiplying his targets and goals. We never think of Death like what Dharamraja Yudhistra said. Death is the greatest Truth but it is such an irony that people go on expecting to live more and think that they would not die without realizing that Death doesn't keep any calendar. So, what is it? Ignorance. This is the reason why I wrote that Open Letter to Sai Devotees pointing that our Focus should be on God rather than other people. Because when we will show our face to God our God will ask us if we spent more time focussing on him or criticizing others, if we spent time loving him and seeing his face or thinking of plans to pull someone down. So, we should surrender to God and pray to God.
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare (Name of God is the biggest Truth for God never changes and he remains the same. His love for us is Pure and Perfect. So, we must bow down in front of only God and praise only God rather than praising the powers of human beings which are nothing but powers of Swami/God. This was my main motive of writing An Open Letter to Sai Devotees.)
    Sai Ram.

  2. The shayari above is so good. It reminds me of one famous Hindi Doha which is credited to both Kabir and Rahim,"Shama badan ko uchit hai, chotan ko utpat. Ka Vishnu ka ghati gaya Jo Bhragu mari laat" Rahim's language style is little different for the same Doha. In our family we state it simply in Hindi, "Shama Badan Ko Chahiye Chotan Ko Utpat, Vishnu Ka Kya Ghat Gaya Jab Bhrigu Ne Mari Laat."
    This means that wise and elders must forgive people young to them. Vishnu didn't lose anything when Bhrigu hurt him. Lord Vishnu realized that Bhrigu was testing him and so he kept quiet and didn't say a word to Bhrigu forgiving him which astonished Bhrigu who declared that Lord Vishnu is the supreme God representing Satva Guna. He assigned Tamas Guna to Lord Shiva-Mahadev and Rajas Guna to Lord Brahma.