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Sathya Sai: Love everyone but don't trust them; increase faith in your Self (Atma); Having big cars is not greatness; we should demonstrate sacrifice; sacrifice leads to liberation;

It is not easy to recover from betrayal by people and institutions (which are administered by people) but Bhagavan teaches us to Love all without trusting people, and to trust one's Self (Atma)! I repeat that is not easy as I have personal experience of such betrayal even in a Sai institution. But that's what our master has said in His Divine wisdom, and so it is best to try hard to follow his teaching in this regard.

Sathya Sai: Having big cars is not greatness; we should demonstrate sacrifice; sacrifice leads to liberation; Love everyone but don't trust them; increase faith in your Self (Atma); Love All Serve All

The above messages of Sathya Sai can be heard in this video, Sai: Love all but don't trust them; have faith in Atma/Self, [Video copied from:], 3 min. 13 secs.

The above video has an audio excerpt from Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba discourse on Easwaramma day in Brindavan (Bangalore) on 6th May 2002.

Given below is a transcript of the Telugu words of Bhagavan and my English translation (mainly based on Shri Narasimhamurthy's on-the-spot translation but with some small modifications) of the above.

Swami in Telugu (what I have not clearly understood is in parentheses with a question mark OR as ...): Oka chinna vishayamu kudanu. (Onnati) dinamu oka bhaktudu, Swami daggara carlantha kudanu chala paathavaiyipoinaayi. Deenni tappaka na prema. ... nenu istunnaanu tappaka tesko ani annaadu. Aayana tesuku vacchaadu. Mudu dinamulu aiyipoyindi. Aayana mukhamu kuda nenu chuda ledu.

Kaaranam eenti? Naaku unni caarlu chalu. Naa (.. carlu avasarameekiste?) evaraini tesukondi. Pedda pedda carlo poovatamu naaku ishtamu ledu. ... Videshamu nunchi vaallu pampinaadu. Pampina tarvatha em chesaaka veelu (ledu). Kabatti naa care ni teesko naayana, annanu. Nenu eppudu kuda evaru (kuda atla muttevallni kaadu?). Ee naati varaku kudanu eppudu

 ... kinda diga vastunte, maa Srinivas kuda vachchaadu. Vachchi chala badha paddaadu. Swami vaalla badha padtunnaaru, deenni angikarinchu ani annaadu. [Swami told Srinivas] "Nee Noru Musko. Eelanti daantlo (neevu) praveshincha vaddu. Vaallu vaallu tesukoni. Naa caru nenu istaanu neevu (okati) tesko, ayyana (okati) teskoni."

Eelanti kaadu goppathannaalu. Tyaagabhaavanni manamu edurinchukovaali. Andariki tyaaganni chupinchaali. Adi naa motta modatununchi, balyamu nunchi deenni (anusaristu) vacchaanu. Aa (anusara...) meeru anduru kuda anusariste meeru anduru kuuda entho dhanyaatmulu avuthaaru. Dhanyaatmulu kaadu, punyaatmulu kuda avuthaaru. Punyaatmulu kaadu Mokshasiddhi kuda pondhuthaaru.

Aa liberation meeku kavaali. Moksha Praapti! Mokshamu anaga eenti? Moha Kshyame Moksham. Mana mohaanni thyagginchukovaali. Ade nijamaina moksham. Kanuka, andarini preminchandi. Kaanni manushyalu maatramu nammakandi. Manushyalu (namminattivaadu?) purti chadi pothaaru. Vallni preminchu. Kaani nammavaddu. Aa nammkamulo unde doshamu eenti? Aa nammakam chetane manamu antha mosamu aiyipothunnaamu. Andarini preminchandi, preminchandi. Love All Serve All. Kaani, vallni nammakandi.

Nee Aatmane neevu nammu. Aatmavisvasaanni neevu penchuko. Divyamainatti bhavaanni neevu penchuko. Ee lokasambandhamu (daanni tenchuko?) Deenni (tenchukovaali?) daanni penchukovaali. Ide (nijamainattivanti?) manaava dharmamu.

Swami message in English: There is a small matter. One day a devotee (said that) Swami's cars have become very old. Swami, I am prompted by love to give you a car. You should accept it. He told Swami. He brought the car. Three days are over. Swami is not even looking at his face.

What is the reason? The cars that I have are enough. I will give you my car. Swami has no desire to travel in big cars. They sent it from foreign countries. After it has been sent I cannot do anything (I have to keep them). Therefore you can take my car, dear. I have never accept .... Till this day never ...

When I was coming here, our Srinivas came (to meet Swami). He expressed a lot of grief. He said, "Swami, he is feeling very bad. Please accept it." [Swami told Srinivas] "You shut your mouth. You don't get involved in such matters. Let him take his (car). I will give my cars; you take one and let him take one."

This is not greatness. We should develop a feeling of sacrifice. We should demostrate sacrifice to all. That is what I have been practising right from the beginning, right from my childhood. If you all too follow (what I practised) you all will become very blessed souls. Not blessed souls, you will also become holy souls. Not holy souls, you will also attain Moksha (liberation).

You want that liberation. Attainment of liberation! What is meant by Moksha? Destruction (Kshaya) of infatuation/attachment (Moha) is Moksha. We must give up/sacrifice our infatuations/attachments. That is real moksha (liberation).

Love everyone. But do not trust people. Those who trust people will get completely ruined. Love them. But do not trust (them). What is the mistake/flaw in trusting people? It is due to that trust/faith (in people) we all get cheated. Love everybody, love (everybody). Love All Serve All. But do not trust them.

Have faith in your own Atma (Self). You develop/increase your self-confidence. You develop/increase your divine feelings. Reduce the worldly bondages. Reduce this (worldly feelings/bondages) and increase that (divine feelings). That is the real Dharma (ethical/righteous life) for mankind (people).

The official discourse text in English is available here: But please note that it seems to be a slightly edited version.

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