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GB sir and other Tyagajeevis of Alike school publicly say they don't believe in "Subtle Swami" and request Muddenahalli group to not interfere in their affairs

Last updated 7th Feb 2017

Above pic seems to be that of Gangadhar Bhar sir speaking on stage, in the meeting convened at Alike, Karnataka school on Feb. 5th 2017. The banner at the back of the stage says:
Date 05-02-2017
The banner has photos of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Madiyal Narayan Bhat sir.

Above pic courtesy: 'We Are With Chairman Gangadhar Anna' Facebook page's pic here:

Given below are contents taken from the following Facebook posts dated Feb. 5th 2017:

1) My post, which shares SaiBliss post,

2) Terry Reis Kennedy's post,

The SaiBliss post has the pics given below showing the large numbers of alumni, parents and Alike locals gathered at the Alike, Karnataka school for the meeting called by Gangadhar Bhat (GB) sir on Sunday, 5th February 2017. SaiBliss reports the number to be in thousands.

Above pic: Devotees seated outside the main hall

Above pic: Women section of the assembled devotees

Above pic: Men section of the devotees assembled in Alike

Above pic: Devotees seated in the corridors

SaiBliss gives the following quoted statements as their (GB sir and fellow Tyagajeevis of Alike school, I presume) only desire and appeal to MDH (Muddenahalli) group:

"Please don't take us away from Swami. We don't believe in Subtle Swami. Let us part ways as brothers. Alike will remain where Alike is now and MDH will remain where it is now. They are hundreds of miles apart.

Let us amicably and respectably part ways. We want to have Alike campus to ourselves. We don't want to interfere nor come in the way of Muddenahalli. Please let us administer ourselves. Alike will have it's own independent existence without any thing to do with MDH institution.

In spite of parting ways, our mutual respect will always exist. Neither Alike nor MDH is any way superior to each other. They are two brothers. Both should be allowed to have their own space and their own respect.

Alike requests and prays to Narasimha Murthy not to interfere in Alike and to respect the tyagajeevis who worked for 50 years in Alike. Gangadharanna (GB) joined Alike in his 20s. Narasimha Murthy and others also will grow old. Either now or in future any body [Ravi: I think it should be nobody instead of any body] should be disrespected. Gangadharanna's respect and position should not be interfered with.

Sri. Mahendra Hegde, Sri. Ramanand and Sri. Sanjeev Shetty are also most welcome to Alike and they don't need to fear for their safety as we have been hearing some rumours that they have a fear of coming back to Alike. You have been a part of Alike and you will always be a part of Alike. You are most welcome.

WE all owe our existence to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Let Him alone guide us. Let us settle this issue in a most brotherly manner".

Ravi: My comment when I shared the above SaiBliss post was as follows:

Very happy to see this development. Let us hope & pray that Alike school does not have any problems in moving away from so called communicator Madhusudan Rao Naidu and his main supporter, Sri Narasimhamurthy. It is wonderful to see such a large gathering of alumni, parents and other supporters at Alike. Hopefully most, if not all, are in support of GB sir and group's move away from Madhusudan Rao Naidu and Narasimhamurthy.
--- end my share-comment ---

Terry Reis Kennedy's post uses some strong words in quotes in its initial paragraphs but without naming the person who stated that. I would like to make those quoted words milder by saying that the Tyagajeevis of Alike admitted that they made a mistake by associating with Sri B.N. Narasimhamurthy's group (so called subtle body Muddenahalli group).

Terry's post also states that the Tyagajeevis of Alike got overwhelming support from over three thousand supporters which included alumni, parents. and locals of Alike, in this meeting chaired by Sri Gangadhar Bhat.

Terry's post finally quotes Chiran Basnet who is an alumnus of Alike school (and also Sai university) and a fellow Alike alumnus as saying, of the Alike school Tyagajeevis, "They have taken a vow to come back to the Lotus Feet of our beloved Swami and return to their very home Prashanthi Nilayam."

[I thank SaiBliss and Ms. Terry Reis Kennedy and have presumed that they will not have any objections to me sharing the above extracts from their Facebook posts on this post which is freely viewable by all, and does not have any financial profit motive whatsoever.]

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