Friday, February 17, 2017

I condemn the racist slur against Nepali and Nepali origin Indians made by Muddenahalli group troll Fake Id Venkatesh Babu/Parthi Resident

Given below is a comment I made on Facebook post,, which I felt appropriate to share as a blog post:

I unequivocally condemn such a racist slur made by the MDH troll against Nepalis and Nepali origin Indians. That's an unacceptable low in this back-and-forth going on, on Facebook, between the MDH troll and others including Chiran Basnet.

Nepal is a Hindu state - one of the world's few Hindu states. I am given to understand it has stayed true to Hindu traditions. No wonder many Nepali and Nepali origin Indians became staunch devotees of Kali Yuga Avatar, Shiva Shakti Swarupa Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

I should also say that India and Nepal share a very close bond even if there have been some periods of strain.

My first exposure to Sathya Sai organization was Sathya Sai Seva samithi, Dombivli (near Mumbai, Maharashtra). It had a Nepali/Nepali origin Indian, an ex Indian Navy person, hailing from Darjeeling area, as its convenor. I am not mentioning his name as I don't want to drag his name into this conversation. If I recall correctly, he had served on INS Vikrant, India's first aircraft carrier, and also sustained a significant injury while on duty on INS Vikrant (or perhaps it was on some other Indian Navy ship). He was living in Naval quarters then in Colaba, South Bombay, I believe and so attended Sai organization functions in Colaba. Later, after retirement, he moved to Dombivli, got associated with the samithi and later was made convenor.

If I recall correctly, he had multiple interviews with Bhagavan where Bhagavan was encouraging him and giving him more vigour in handling his Sai organization responsibilities. I recall how he told me that in one interview he sought permission from Bhagavan to kiss his lotus feet, which permission Bhagavan gave him and so he could satisfy his heartfelt desire of kissing Bhagavan's lotus feet.

He also would come to Prasanthi Nilayam for Seva, and on at least one occasion was assigned the duty of guarding Swami's Poornachandra residence. That was a natural fit for him given his Indian Navy background. He also told me of an incident, I think before 1995/96, when a huge Croatian, overcome with emotion, had tried to rush towards Swami (perhaps not with any violent intent). I don't recall clearly whether he was one of the people then who had to stop the huge Croatian from getting physically close to Swami and doing some harm at physical level to Swami, even if it was unintentional (I mean, a huge Croatian rushing at Swami may have led to Swami falling down or something like that).

When I first associated with the official Sai organization in the early 90s (in Dombivli), I was stunned to see such dedication from this gentleman in his capacity as convenor and also from his wife. They showered me with their love, told me a lot about the organization, and were very devoted to Bhagavan. Uncle was also strict in his discipline being a former Indian Navy man. Both uncle and auntie did tremendous loyal, courageous and devoted service to Dombivli Sathya Sai organization and through it to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, and I was a direct witness to it during the years 1993 or 1994 until 2002 when I moved to Parthi from Dombivli. At a personal sadhana level too they both were very, very devoted to Swami.

Very, very unfortunately, convenor uncle did face a less harsh but still racist slur from a splinter group head in Dombivli. I commiserated and sympathized with him when he told me about it (it had happened a little before I joined the samithi).

I shared the above to show that I personally have benefited from my association with Nepali/Nepali origin Indian Sai devotee office bearers of Sai orgn. Not only did they guide me about Prasanthi Nilayam and Sai orgn, and Swami at physical form level, their satsang helped me imbibe some of their deep devotion to Swami.

By the MDH troll casting such a terrible racist slur on Nepalis, in my considered opinion, the MDH troll has cheapened the Muddenahalli group. What would Nepali and Nepali origin people who are believers in Muddenahalli group feel when they read such comments? Pathetic stuff! And if these comments have come from a Sai university alumnus, it is a matter of SHAME for Sai university that one of its products has descended to such low racist slur level for our valued and loved Nepali and Nepali origin Indian people.

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