Saturday, February 4, 2017

I have a message for Muddenahalli group trolls

In the past few days, as it was the first time I got framed viciously on Facebook, I struggled to recover and then attempt to punish the Facebook fake Id who framed me. Due to some sensitivities I decided to FOREGO my right as a law-abiding Indian citizen to file a cyber police complaint against Facebook fake Id Venkatesh Babu/Parthi Resident.

But now I am well versed with not only how Facebook handles these complaints giving a wide level of liberty to Facebook post and comment authors, but also about how to make a cyber police complaint in India against false and malicious charges made against me.

So Muddenahalli group trolls like Venkatesh Babu, beware! If you mess around with me again, indulging in fabrication of screenshots and similar other devilish things, to falsely portray something about me, and I get to know about it and get really bugged about it, and there is no other person involved who may be worried about publicity, I will surely make the cyber police complaint. I will invest time & money to go after such cases.

And Muddenahalli group trolls living in India need to be even more careful with such things against me in future which become big enough that they are brought to my notice and which I get really bugged about. [Note that I ignore jokers saying foolish things and indulging in name-calling by just blocking them.]

Defamation is both a CRIMINAL and a CIVIL offence in India. So if I get really bugged by a Muddenahalli group troll in future trying to frame me into some nasty stuff, I might seriously consider cyber police complaint/investing money and time to identify him, and then if he is an Indian, file a CRIMINAL defamation case against him.

Mind you, once convicted of any crime (including defamation), one gets a police record as a CRIMINAL.

So I have given my warning. If any Sai school/university alumni (Venkatesh Babu claims to be Sai university alumnus) or anybody else who is misguided by Muddenahalli group and its so called communicator Madhusudan Rao Naidu, and tries to play, to use a phrase I read from some recent Muddenahalli group stuff, "political Krishna" role, against me, he may get exposed as a Paundraka (Krishna imitator who was delivered "justice" by the real Krishna) and get judged a criminal, under the Indian Penal Code.

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