Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Madhusudan Rao Naidu now gives Vibhuti powder to Sai devotees taking his imitation of Swami to higher levels

Facebook post, "HORRIBLE EVIDENCE OF HOW THIS FRAUDSTER & IMPOSTER MADHUSUDAN NAIDU IS IMITATING SWAMI BY GIVING VIBHUTHI TO INNOCENT DEVOTEES",, dated Feb-14-2017 of Facebook user Saibliss has the pictorial evidence of Madhusudan Rao Naidu taking his impersonation/imitation act of Bhagavan to the higher level of supposedly blessing devotees by giving vibhuti powder (not Vibhuti packets) to them. Those pics are given below with the lady devotee's face blanked out:

Pics courtesy: Saibliss Facebook user

I don't know whether Madhusudan Naidu has the siddhi power of materializing vibhuti or procuring vibhuti using paranormal powers from some nearby place, or whether he just acts as if he has materialized vibhuti, or whether he simply takes vibhuti powder from elsewhere in the room openly in front of the devotee and gives it to the devotee, thereby not giving any impression of materialization.

Given below is a comment of mine made yesterday night/today early morning on the original post shared below:
Hmm. So it seems Madhusudan Rao Naidu is now acting as if Bhagavan has materialized vibhuti in his palm and is giving that to the lady. I mean, it is not taking a plastic vibhuti packet from his pocket and giving it to the lady, which is what I had presumed he was doing earlier.

This is very worrying as it will fool more & more devotees into believing his imitation actions.

And I agree, to some extent, with the statements, "Madhusudan naidu has become a blot on the student community, tarnished their image to such an extent that people have lost respect for the Sai Students. It is high time Sai brothers who owe everything to Swami voice out and openly condemn this blasphemy and sacrilege."

But I think most Sai students have taken a vow of silence in public on such matters. SILENT WITNESS to Madhusudan Rao Naidu imitation of our beloved Lord!

And people like us who write about it, get requests by elders to stop such writings - I got one today. I unfriended the gentleman as I saw there was no point in trying to explain to him that being SILENT WITNESS to Asathya & Adharma in this Muddenahalli group matter is NOT WHAT Bhagavan has taught as per his public discourses over the decades. Jai Sairam!


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  2. Edited by me comment of Aarthi Krishnan:

    It is so disgusting to see all this happening. It just shows to what extent people will go for money and power and all the associated evils that follow. --Indian-state-level-political-matter-snipped--. I cannot help but draw a parallel between such crooks and criminals and people like Madhu Naidu and BN Narasimhamurthy whose only aim is to do anything to fool people and get away with all they do. I can only pray that Swami metes out the right punishment to these crooks very very very soon and restore order in the Sai world. I really dunno what else to say.

    1. Sister Aarthi Krishnan - I hope you don't mind me publishing an edited version of your comment. On this blog particularly, but in almost all my social media posts & comments, I take a publicly neutral stand on Indian and international political matters, including matters dealing with political leaders. Therefore I had to snip out the politically sensitive part of your comment. Thanks. Jai Sairam!

    2. No problem, Sir. I understand. But it is really unfortunate to see the low levels to which these people have stooped. It is Swami and Swami alone who can intervene and set right everything. It looks as if He is indeed giving them a very long rope.

    3. Thanks Aarthi for your kind co-operation.