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Sathya Sai: I do not involve Myself in money matters. But people today consider money as God. How can such people be called devotees?

Given below is a message from a former Sai university student of mine, sent over Facebook private chat yesterday, 15-Feb-2017, afternoon, which I felt appropriate to share publicly. I have edited it slightly to make it more readable but have not altered the content.

--- start Facebook chat message from my former Sai university student ---

Sir, listen to discourse of swami on 22nd july 2002 in asia stream now.

We are undertaking so many social welfare activities, but I have never asked anybody even for a paisa. You are all aware of this. I do not involve Myself in money matters. But people today consider money as God. How can such people be called devotees? I told you earlier about this. I

[168 Sathya Sai Speaks - Volume - 35]

have started a service programme to look after children who do not have parents. One lakh rupees would be deposited in their name, which will take care of their needs. I have not asked anybody for any help in this regard. But today some people are collecting money saying that they would donate the amount to Swami for this purpose. Some others are proclaiming that they have taken up the responsibility of looking after the children. Can there be a worse sin than this? All such people are betrayers of God. Better they beg in the streets, than use My name to collect money.

By Swami

He clearly told:

Marketing with Swami’s name is highly disgusting and distressful. There can be no commerce in matters of devotion. Even the salty ocean may yield drinkable water, but this kind of devotion is worthless. It is already late. Swami never solicits donations from anybody nor He has agents for propagating His Message. I do not have any association whatsoever with these deceitful persons. Swami needs no material wealth. The only need of Swami is genuine love.

Earlier, it was quite different; devotees were few, but they were genuine. Nowadays, there are too many self-seeking cheats masquerading as devotees. First thing in the morning, they adorn their forehead with vibhuti, wrap a scarf round their neck and roam about freely in the guise of devotees. Even the stray dogs scrounging around for something to eat are better than such fake devotees!

Your Heart Only Need Be My Temple

Embodiments of Love!
Develop love in you. Swami needs no temples or rest houses. The temple of your heart is more than enough. Swami shall stay happily therein. The news that I get from those so-called temples is highly distressing to Me. The amount of anguish that I undergo because of these is beyond your imagination. Do not do bad acts in the name of God.
--- end Facebook chat message from my former Sai university student ---

Ravi: I wrote back to him, "Interesting! Why don't you share it on your Facebook post?".

But there has been no response from him. So I decided to share his message publicly. Perhaps that's why he sent it to me.

I would also like to use this opportunity to advise Sai university alumni, especially former students of mine, to be COURAGEOUS in freely sharing Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's messages on their Facebook pages. Don't be afraid to share such messages of Bhagavan on your Facebook pages! Muddenahalli group will not be able to do anything to you just because you have shared Swami's message. I have the firm faith that Bhagavan will protect you, his students, when you are spreading his messages on social media.

[In Telugu (please excuse mistakes in my not-so-great Telugu)] Dhairyam undala! Mana Sathya Sai Devudu maata prajalalo dhairyanga cheppandi. Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha! Sathya Sai Devudu, elanti vishayamlo, tappaka mimmalni kapadatadu.]

I would also like to say that institutions built using large money donations like free hospitals and schools should not be confused to be proof of the claims of anybody, no matter how senior in Sai fraternity and no matter what his association is with Sai university, of being medium or communicator or dream-instruction-successor of Sathya Sai. If a set of associated trusts gets around Rs. 1000 crores as donations in a key year of its operations, surely it will be able to build a lot of free hospitals and schools. It is COMMENDABLE that they have done such free service to humanity institutions. But it is CONDEMNABLE that they are using these institutions to promote FALSE CLAIMS of some person(s) being a communicator/medium/dream-instruction-messenger of Sathya Sai as Bhagavan has on so many occasions, publicly said that he NEVER communicates with his devotees through intermediaries (communicators/mediums/dream-instruction-messengers) and that his communication with his devotees is DIRECT between him and the devotee.

In my considered view, devotion to Sathya Sai should NOT BE MEASURED and TOM-TOMMED by number of free service schools and hospitals some people create. I think that alone is a FALSE MEASURE. It is the Bhavam (feeling) with which that free service is conducted and the purity of thought, word and deed associated with that service that is the most important devotional aspect. NOT the number of free service schools and hospitals created!!!

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