Sunday, February 12, 2017

Two oldie English 'easy listening' pop songs I loved listening to: Sittin' on the dock of the bay; Buffalo Soldier

[Copy-pasted on 12-Feb-2017 from post on my miscellaneous blog,]

Sittin' on the dock of the bay + lyrics,, around 3 minutes. I used to love to listen to this song when I was driving in the USA some decades back (on some 'easy listening' FM radio station). I guess I wanted to do what the singer claimed he was doing :-). And then being born & bred in Mumbai, I have a great attraction to just watching the sea. It can be so soothing and so powerful. I could be on Juhu beach, in Mumbai, for hours, at peace with everything :-). To make things really great, there is an awesome ISKCON temple near Juhu beach where the bhajans are great as well.

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Buffalo Soldier,, around 3 minutes. Another oldie I loved listening to typically on car FM radio in the USA.

Here are the lyrics: [I guess the lyrics may not really fit in with USA history but then one needs to give some artistic license in these matters, I guess :-) ]

I'm just a buffalo soldier in the heart of America,
Stolen from Africa, brought to America,
Said he was fighting on arrival, fighting for survival;
Said he was a buffalo soldier win the war for America.

Said he was a, woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy,
Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy!
Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy,
Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy!
Buffalo soldier troddin' through the land, wo-ho-ooh!

Ravi: I love the yoy yoy yoy stuff :-).

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