Friday, June 23, 2017

Dehachi Tijori Bhaktichacha Theva - Famous Marathi Bhakti song

Here's the video (an enhanced version of the original film video):, 3 min 4 secs.

This is a Marathi Bhakti (Devotion) song that I have heard countless times, on radio and perhaps elsewhere too, as I was growing up in Mumbai and in Dombivli (town near Mumbai) (I was born in early 1960s), and has stayed in my mind as one of my favourite Bhakti songs. It is from the Marathi film 'Amhi Jato Amuchya Gava' released in 1968, The singer is Sudhir Phadke.

My Marathi is middling type and I am badly out of touch for nearly fifteen years now since I moved to Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh from Maharashtra. So my translations given below of a few lines may have some mistakes.

The song starts with the lines:
"Dehachi tijori bhaktichacha theva
Ughad daar deva aata ughad daar deva".

I would translate that as:
"Keep the valuables-locker of your body for Bhakti only/mainly
Open the door now O God/O Lord, open the door".

Another couple of lines from the song that has stood out for me and been an important message that I viewed as one of my key takeaways from the song, are:

"Swaartha janu bhinti varcha aarsa bilori
Aapuleecha pratima hote aapuleecha bairi"

which I would translate roughly as:

"The mirror on the wall of selfish people is (strange?)
Our own reflections (people) become (opposed?) to us".

I interpreted that as selfish people tend to have selfish family & friends who may turn against them. So being selfish (beyond a reasonable survival-need point) was not good. Today I am very thankful that such melodious and popular songs heard in my youth passed on or reinforced such messages and values in me.

The audio alone can also be heard in this collection of Sudhir Phadke songs with this song being the first,

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