Thursday, June 22, 2017

Some comments of mine about dangers of thermonuclear war in the world

Given below are comments I made on a Facebook post that shared this Facebook video, A Sikh prayer for America, Breathe and push: Sikh-American civil rights advocate Valarie Kaur's plea to her country in the times of Donald J. Trump.,, around 6 mins.

[Note that as I have not provided the comments of the other person I was having this exchange with, readers will have to tolerate some lack of context while reading my comments below. Readers may please feel free to skip reading the post if that bothers them.]

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
A very moving video! Thanks for sharing! I pray to Almighty God to shower His Grace on the USA and bring peace, love and joy to it.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote (slightly edited):
--Name-snipped--, Undoubtedly the USA is going through a challenging period now where it needs more & more practice of Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Ethical living), Shanti (Peace) and Prema (Love).

I don't know about whether the fate of the whole world is at stake based on what happens in the USA. I think the rest of the world will surely find a way to live without the USA if USA wants it to be that way (isolationist). However, I do hope that USA does not go the isolationist path as that would be a loss for USA citizens as well as the rest of the world.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Well, the danger of a thermonuclear war engulfing the whole world has been around for decades, and it typically gets heightened when there is tension between USA and Russia, the two biggest nuclear armed nations with formidable conventional military forces as well. But interestingly enough, Trump has taken a non-confrontational approach to Russia, and so I think a USA Russia nuclear war danger is lesser now than it was in the past.

What Trump may do is to bomb smaller countries with conventional weapons. USA under Trump has already used the mother of all bombs in Afghanistan and launched over 50 missile strikes against Syria. The recent arms sales deal between USA and Saudi Arabia is a very, very big one. ... All this points to increased possibility of conventional non-nuclear warfare in many parts of the world in the near and mid-term future, which is very unfortunate. Further, I think there could be heightened arms races all over the world.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
--Name-snipped--, I don't know what to say to the Sathya Sai Baba revelation you have quoted. I had read that earlier as well. Perhaps all I can say is that if Bhagavan reveals Himself in whatever form to the whole world at a near-apocalypse moment - which is what an immediate prospect of thermonuclear war involving USA, Russia and "Muslim powers" will be - then that will be an extraordinary world changing event, which is what the revelation itself says.

But meanwhile we have Bhagavan's teachings that we too have to do our bit to help the world and not rely only on God without us doing whatever little bit we can. It is in that context that, after Mahasamadhi, slowly I started reading about world matters again - after moving to Puttaparthi in Oct. 2002 I had severely limited my readings about world events to focus on my spiritual efforts.

From my reading of current world situation, I do feel that tension between USA and Russia is lower than it was under Obama administration. But, yes, it could change and change real fast, especially for USA under president Trump as he does seem to take very unusual approaches to USA relations with the rest of the world. And, yes, Trump and Putin are NOT buddies. I think political leaders of powerful countries like USA and Russia have to go by their country's needs and priorities and not so much by personal equations that they may have between them.

In this context, I wonder whether you have read about the fear that scientists have about accidental nuclear war. That is very scary and I think a very real fear. Here's a blog post of mine that has some info. about it in the second part of the post: And here's a short around 2 min video which captures the scientists fears: (also mentioned in my blog post).

As a former international software consultant/technologist I am really scared by the possibilities mentioned in the above video put up by "concerned scientists". I know from experience and knowledge that software systems, which are vital for such weapon systems nowadays, may have their flaws too.

To conclude, the fears of thermonuclear war holocaust breaking out in the world are real, and have been real for quite a few years, if not decades, now. But we cannot let that fear paralyze us. Countries like USA, Russia, China, North Korea, India and Pakistan are all nuclear weapon powers and also have some military tension/issues with some nuclear weapon country or the other. If peace is established between all nuclear weapon powers then the chances of thermonuclear war go down. I think that must be the goal of peace loving people the world over. However, that's easier said than done. My own country has military tension with Pakistan over the past many months in its border areas with Pakistan and also about some attacks on Indian armed force/police forces. Such is life! Jai Sairam!

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