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Response from Narasimhamurthy supporter on Satyajit statement about Narasimhamurthy's Alike position offer in May 2011; Satyajit's TEST of FIRE

Given below is an edited message from a Sai university alumnus who is currently a supporter of Shri B.N. Narasimhamurthy and the Muddenahalli group, in response to Satyajit's statement about Shri Narasimhamurthy making him an Alike position offer (

Sai Ram sir. ...

Here is the gist of my thoughts. This is my understanding of the issue. I don’t know the whole truth. Only Swami would know. When Swami gave up His mortal coil, people accused Satyajit ... because he was His personal caretaker.

[Ravi: Satyajit had some opponents in Prasanthi Nilayam ashram system.] Rumours were planted of ineffectiveness of him as a caretaker. [Ravi: Horrific allegations/stories were made against Satyajit.]  Public was angry. Many powerful devotees began trusting the versions floated by the [Ravi: opponents of Satyajit] and wanted to teach Satyajit a lesson. It was during this time that he [Ravi: referring to Satyajit] left Puttaparthi for a while. He went to Mumbai and also to his hometown which is close to Mangalore/Alike.

Shri B.N. Narasimhamurthy sir (BNN) knew that Sathyajit had done his best and was not to blame. The pressure was so much that all of us thought that Satyajit may leave Prasanthi Nilayam (PN) forever in disgrace. It was during that time that BNN offered him an alternative as he was in charge of Vidya Vahini and BNN did not want that project to stop due to lack of leadership. He asked him that worse come worse he can even offer him something in Alike where he can take care of things. This was done by BNN to ensure that Satyajit does not leave Swami's abode physically due to the threat to him.

Actually PN united only now because of Muddenahalli. And that is the positive thing about Muddenahalli. ... A lot of proactive things are happening now to take forward our Beloved Lord's mission.

Just was shocked that this help by BNN was now documented as conspiracy (not by you). I know for sure that BNN did not know anything about the Sukshma Shareera till Gurupoornima of 2011. So it is a wrong fact to allege that he did this in May to start his own empire.

--- end message from Sai university alumnus supporter of BNN and Muddenahalli group ---

Ravi: I have put up the above on my social media pages to provide the other side view of the matter too.

I would like to add that I have full faith that Satyajit Salian did his utmost to care for Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's physical health. I further have full faith that the top leaders of the ashram then who were in daily physical contact with Bhagavan, namely Shri K. Chakravarthi sir and Shri S.V. Giri sir (they would typically be accompanying Bhagavan when he came for darshan in Sai Kulwant Hall), would have done their utmost to care for Bhagavan's physical health.

The horrific allegations made then on Satyajit by a few sensationalist (yellow) sections of the media and some people in Puttaparthi, in my considered view, were mentally unbalanced reactions as they could not come to terms with Bhagavan having given up his physical body at 84/85 years of age instead of the expected 96 years of age (or, in the case of yellow media, just an occasion to make money via sensationalist false news). The collapse of business in outside ashram Puttaparthi town after the Mahasamadhi event was over, led to huge frustration and anger in those people who were staring at financial ruin kind-of situation [one builder even attempted suicide but fortunately did not succeed - I saw him on the road in outside ashram Puttaparthi yesterday :-)  ]. That anger got directed to people connected with caring for physical body of Bhagavan with all sorts of utter nonsense being spread.

As I reflected on those events after I got over the shock that people of Puttaparthi could make such horrific allegations, it struck me that Satyajit Salian was going through something similar to what Bharata in Ramayana must have gone through when people of the kingdom of Ayodhya suspected that Bharata wanted to be king and so, they suspected, got his mother, Kaikeyi, to send Rama to exile! To prove his innocence to people, Bharata went to the forest and requested Rama to come back as King. On Rama refusing, Bharata placed Rama's sandals on the throne and ruled the kingdom as Rama's representative (and did not crown himself as king) till Rama came back from his fourteen-year exile and Rama became king of Ayodhya!

While I think that all of us who were associated with Prasanthi Nilayam ashram then, underwent trauma after Mahasamadhi, perhaps nobody underwent as much trauma as Satyajit. On the one side, he had lost his beloved Bhagavan with whom he was so attached at physical form level as he was his personal servitor, and on the other, he had to hear and read such atrocious allegations being levelled at him! What a TEST of FIRE Bhagavan put brother Satyajit through! I am so glad that he made it through that TEST of FIRE, and continued to lead the VidyaVahini project, which he does even today, based in Prasanthi Nilayam (Puttaparthi) ashram.

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