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Satyajit opens up on Narasimhamurthy and Madhusudhan Naidu; I (Ravi) recommend PIL against Madhusudhan Naidu

Here's the related video,, 7 min. 11 secs, Satyajit Important Message to Devotees in Singapore (19/09/2015), published by Sathya Sai International Organisation - Malaysia, Sept. 27th 2015

Transcript from around 0:20 of brother Satyajit Salian's speech, split into three parts, along with my comments, are given below. Note that my comments presume that most of Satyajit's words below are accurate and truthful (little bit inaccuracy is natural). I should also mention that I do consider Satyajit to be an honest person based on some interactions I have had with him in 2010 & 2011. If Shri B.N. Narasimhamurthy or Shri Madhusudhan Naidu dispute Satyajit's words below then they should PUBLICLY write about it on the Internet and let Sai devotees know (they are welcome to comment on this post directly/indirectly).

Part A)
Satyajit speaks: I had narrated this (in a speech) that I had made in LA (Los Angeles, USA).

I had not spoken the name at that (time). It was in Trayee Brindavan. Bhagavan was sitting in the Jhoola [Swing]. I was sitting on this side, Mr. Gangadhar Shetty Garu was sitting in the centre and Mr. Narasimhamurthy sir was sitting on this side.

All three of us were sitting and Mr. Narasimhamurthy brought this idea to Swami, telling that Swami, there is this 15 year old young boy here in Bangalore. This was in 1999 or 2000 - we are talking about way back. [Satyajit implying that Mr. Narasimhamurthy says:] "Swami, I had gone to this boy in the city. He is from a beautiful family, very ordinary family. There is a great Tejas - great radiance - on this boy's face. And Swami speaks through him, Swami."

And he was continuing to talk; extol .. this boy. I was shocked. Firstly that Swami was sitting silently and listening to the whole thing. And then with the intensity of Swami's rebuke. The intensity with which Swami shouted,  put this thing down - "Buddhi unda leda neeku." Do you have any common sense or not? How can you who have been so close to me, who (has) been here always... Inspite of so many years that you have spent in front of me, how can you bring this kind of matter in front of me.

[Satyajit implies Bhagavan said] "Naakem pattindi vaallu paada shariramulo cheradaniki?" Why should I enter somebody's dirty body (paadu shariramu) - why should I enter somebody's dirty body to communicate. "Evaratona maatlada.. nenu neerega matladutaanu" If I have to speak to somebody else I will speak directly. This was the first incident in 1999 or 2000 ...
[Ravi comments: So Shri B.N. Narasimhamurthy (BNNM) seems to have had a tendency to believe in such communicators and mediums, even over a decade prior to Swami's Mahasamadhi. Perhaps BNNM is deeply attracted to occult stuff. The key point here is that BNNM seems to have been DIRECTLY & STRONGLY ADVISED by Swami on such matters but that ADVISE has been REJECTED by BNNM!!! Does BNNM think he knows better than Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on these matters? That certainly seems to be a possibility but something which he will not PUBLICLY SAY, as then Sai devotees will go away from him. end-Ravi-comments]
Part B)
[Ravi: Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave up the physical body (to use the medical term, died) on 24th April 2011 at 7:40 AM, and was laid in the samadhi (buried) on 27th April 2011. Ref: end-Ravi]

Satyajit speaks: 25th of April 2011. The whole world was in mourning. I was rudderless. I was crestfallen. I did not know where the world had disappeared under my feet. I was sitting in a room in West Prasanthi. One boy comes to me - "Sathya, did Swami give you a message?" I said, what are you talking about.

[The boy says] "No no no. Madhu [Ravi: Madhu is Shri Madhusudhan Rao Naidu, the so called communicator of Muddenahalli] is standing (downstairs) and he is telling me that Swami has given him a message that I should go and meet Satya first and after five minutes Swami would give a message to Satya [Satyajit is pointing to himself] and then Madhu (would) come and meet" me [Satyajit].

I [Satyajit] told this boy that (if) that person wants to come (to meet me), let him come and speak. I don't know what he is talking about.

Madhu comes to me and he gave (me) an elaborate story about how, the following morning, Swami is going to open his eyes.

That's the hope of each one of us. That's the hope of each one of us. See how people play with hope, play with the emotions of people. Everyone of us wanted that to happen and this boy (Madhu) (tells) that, you know, there are four screws on the casket.

My blood boils when I think back of that incident. How people have been manipulated!

[Satyajit implies that Madhu says] "Swami has told me that I have to open the casket. I have to wrap Swami's body in a blanket. It will be ice cold."

These are the things that this boy [Madhusudhan Naidu] is talking to me in West Prasanthi. And he (said) that Swami has given instruction that I should be seated on the right side of the head. My brother should be seated on the left side of the head. So and so should be seated on the right side of the foot (feet). So and so should be seated on the left side of the foot (feet). And we are the four (persons) Swami has told (instructed) to open ...

On 25th of April (2011), you are planning for the future? Is this the basis (on) which the organization is going to function? And is this how we are going to function?
[Ravi comments: So Shri Madhusudhan Naidu (MN, the so called communicator of Muddenahalli) approached Satyajit one day after Swami gave up his physical body (died) with his weird communications claimed to be from Swami. First point to note is that while MN seems to have expected his so called Swami to give a message to Satyajit, that did not seem to have happened. 
Second point is that MN's so called Swami wanted screws of the casket to be opened on 26th April but it seems that Satyajit and others did not oblige. Satyajit did NOT explicitly say that they did not attempt to do that. Of course, they would have had to first talk to ashram top people and secure their permission even if they wanted to do that.
In my considered view, this account from Satyajit is strong evidence showing that Madhusudhan Naidu did make a claim that Swami will get resurrected, and that claim turned out to be FALSE. MN may provide a variety of excuses for this CRITICAL FAILED PROPHECY of his so called Swami. Let's consider one possible excuse - the screws were not removed as per his so called Swami's instructions on the date specified (26th April 2011). Well, if that did not happen, why did the resurrection not take place the next day, 27th April 2011, as the casket was opened to take the body from the casket and lower it into the samadhi? BTW many people expected a resurrection miracle to happen then. Even I was quite open, and, of course, very hopeful, that such a resurrection miracle would happen. But it did not happen. Was Kali Yuga Avatar, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba so constrained in his powers that one additional day in the ice cold casket prevented him from getting resurrected? Is that what Madhusudhan Naidu wants us to believe? I REFUSE TO BELIEVE any such STUPID excuses. My belief is that Bhagavan, if he wanted to resurrect his body, could have done so, but chose not to, for reasons best known to Bhagavan. How could four screws of a casket prevent Bhagavan from resurrecting if he wanted to resurrect? Only somebody who is IGNORANT of (and/or did not experience) the awesome paranormal powers that Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba demonstrated even when he was typically moving about in a wheelchair in 2010 and 2011, will be DELUDED by such STUPID excuses.  
The above reliable witness account and analysis leads me to conclude that Shri Madhusudhan Naidu, perhaps out of noble intentions to help Sai devotees overcome the trauma of Bhagavan's bodily passing away, and perhaps out of shock at the bodily passing away happening when Swami (body) was 84/85 years of age instead of the expected/predicted 96 years of age, got MENTALLY UNHINGED and DELUDED into believing some so called Swami was communicating with him.
The great tragedy is that MN, who may also have some mind and memory reading powers like Radhe Maa of Mumbai is reported to have, seems to have been able to also DELUDE top leaders of Sathya Sai movement like Shri B.N. Narasimhamurthy and Shri Indulal Shah. Or Shri B.N. Narasimhamurthy and Shri Indulal Shah are making a show of belief in MN as that helps them with their mission, in which case they are KNOWINGLY AIDING and ABETTING MN to DELUDE innocent Sathya Sai devotees! 
In the past I had mentioned that my suggestion to file a P.I.L. (Public Interest Litigation) to stop Shri Madhusudhan Naidu from UNAUTHORISED USAGE of name & image of Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, for darshan, interviews and discourses of his so called subtle body Swami, be held in abeyance. The discussion then was that we should wait for some more time.
With brother Satyajit Salian placing the above account on record, I now RECOMMEND that a P.I.L. be filed in Karnataka High Court by Indian national Sathya Sai devotees who are in a position (financial and otherwise) to do so. The P.I.L. should focus on STOPPING Shri Madhusudhan Naidu from using the name and/or image of Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, for his so called communicator activities. The P.I.L. should NOT get into the funding and running of the social service institutions associated with Muddenahalli group. It should also NOT get into any attempt to penalize Shri Madhusudhan Naidu for his past misdeeds (my view is that we can leave that to his Karma).
The case may have grounds to be a P.I.L. as so many hundreds, or perhaps a few thousands, of people are being DELUDED by the HIMSELF-DELUDED Madhusudhan Naidu. I think the evidence in the form of the above reliable eyewitness account at Swami Mahasamadhi time, and video/TV clips of so called Muddenahalli based Swami subtle body darshan and discourses, should be strong enough to prove that Shri Madhusudhan Naidu is himself DELUDED and is DELUDING hundreds/thousands of innocent persons including young students.
Perhaps Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT) would face some constraints in filing such a PIL. Perhaps they would prefer to avoid negative kind of publicity that may arise if they do so. Therefore I am suggesting that interested Indian national Sathya Sai devotee(s) should file the PIL. end-Ravi-comments]

Part C)

Satyajit speaks: On 9th or 10th of May (2011) - that was the first time I had ventured out of (the) room. For 15 days I was sitting inside the room. My brothers were bringing food for me, inside. I had not stepped out. With great courage, I started moving out. In front of the Western canteen, Mr. Narasimhamurthy comes in front of me.

Now, at that point of time, you are searching for solace from any corner. You are searching for a shoulder to cry on. And this gentleman with whom I have spent endless hours sitting at Swami's Lotus feet and massaging Swami's feet and, you know, looking at Bhagavan and admiring him. Admiring Swami and admiring this gentleman [Mr. Narasimhamurthy] who has stood as a pillar. I thought I would get words of solace from him.

You know what he tells me? "Satyajit, how are you? How is your sadhana going on? Are you all right?" Those were the first words. Then he (tells) me, "what are your future plans? These people will finish you off. These people will finish you off. They will not understand your pure heart." See what this gentleman is doing. "Why don't you come with me to Alike? Why don't you come with me to Alike? I will hand over the entire administration of Alike to you. Run the Vidyavahini program from Alike." That was the last time I saw this gentleman... I have not seen this gentleman after that.

15 days, 15 days after the samadhi, he is trying to unplug people from Prasanthi Nilayam and you say that they are not destabilizing Prasanthi Nilayam? That their goal is to create something on their own? No. It has always been playing on the emotions. It has always been playing on the fears of people. Yes, there is a great vacuum in the hearts of people. And they are filling it with false hope. Yes, we want Swami to be there. We want Swami to be there.

Prasanthi Nilayam could have started an entire procession from Yajur Mandir, Swami's car coming everyday. It is not a difficult thing. But Prasanthi Nilayam has got the maturity to accept every phase of Bhagavan's Avatarhood. Yes, Bhagavan is no longer in the physical form. Prasanthi Nilayam with a painful heart, with a pained heart, accepts that as Bhagavan's Divine Will. They do not cling on to some fanciful idea(s). They do not try to, you know, create a sense of false hope. Yes, we always want Bhagavan. For 2000 years, Christians are still waiting for (the) resurrection [?] - they are waiting for Jesus to come back. And we will continue to hope for that. But not create a nonsensical institution around that. This I think should be on record. Thank you. [Applause]

[Ravi-comments: About Satyajit's statements related to Shri B.N. Narasimhamurthy (BNNM) above (in Part-C), I have heard that BNNM told his supporter(s) that he was only offering to help Satyajit. If BNNM puts out a complete statement from his side on this matter, on the Internet, we can have a better idea of his view of the matter. Of course, I have extensively blogged my view that BNNM, by his activities after Mahasamadhi, has been and continuous to be a SERIOUS DIVISIVE THREAT to UNITY in the post-Mahasamadhi Sathya Sai mission. So I tend to agree with Satyajit's views on this matter. But, to be fair, BNNM should be given a chance to put out his view.
I should also say that I think Satyajit's analysis towards the end of Part-C is very good. "Yes, there is a great vacuum in the hearts of people. And they are filling it with false hope." - That captures Muddenahalli group means of attracting people quite well, IMHO.
"But Prasanthi Nilayam has got the maturity to accept every phase of Bhagavan's Avatarhood. ... They do not try to, you know, create a sense of false hope." - Well said, and Thank God for that wise approach by Prasanthi Nilayam top management.
Seems like there is a small terminology mistake made by Satyajit. He says that, "For 2000 years, Christians are still waiting for (the) resurrection - they are waiting for Jesus to come back". In the first part of the sentence, I think he should have used the term "second coming of Jesus",, instead of resurrection. end Ravi-comments]


  1. Sairam Brother,
    Whatever has been said so far about Subtle body Madhusudan Naidu I may agree. But the fact remains that His mission is here to stay. And such a task that He is doing in Gulbarga and Muddenhalli shows He has Some power. Only our Swami knows the fact of the matter. Srinivas D

    1. It is the name & image of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba that has the power. I would have supported them if they had simply focused on a separate trust/orgn. doing Swami's work without the so called communicator and so called subtle body drama.

  2. Sairam Brother Ravi, It is the name and image of Swami that has the power. You are Spot on with this. What I actually meant and did not write up the top, was Swami's power appears to behind me. Maybe , I am wrong. I am more inclined to believe that Swami appears to be behind him and his mission. Also, what I saw in gulbarga was mindboggling. It may not happen without Divine's will. I can't claim to be a great devotee of Swami , but having seeing frequently for more than 46 years as a pure devotee and spoken to him number of times, this Madhusudan Naidu would be judged by nobody but only by our Beloved Swami and If he is Fake as Many devotees believe, then retribution would be swift.

    1. Sairam brother: My view now is that Madhusudan Naidu is not a fake. He seems to genuinely believe that he can see some so called subtle body of Swami. I think he is under a false vision/imagination. The problem is that MDH followers think that what Madhusudan says is Sathya Sai Baba's words! And when they follow advise of Madhusudan in this fashion they could land up in significant trouble, in my considered view. With Sathya Sai it was different as he had Divine insight into matters including karmic burden of individuals concerned and divine insight about their current actions & weaknesses & strengths. But Madhusudan does not have that power. That's the big and critical difference between real Avatar and somebody who falsely believes that Avatar is communicating through him.

    2. I would like to clarify that in my statement above I was saying that Madhusudan Naidu is not deliberately fooling people i.e. a fake. That does not mean that I am saying I believe his claims. I am sure now that his claims are false. But he thinks they are true and so seems to be doing these actions genuinely. It perhaps is some sort of hallucination that he falls into.

  3. Sairam Brother, Let me clarify a few things. what I meant up the top in my prevent comment was I always visited Swami purely as a devotee. So , pure devotee is out of question here. If you go through certain spiritual practices and your Guru triggers off your third eye then you can call your guru anytime you want and he would appear to you in spirit form. and guide you. However this is very rare and to get question and answer going that really depend on Guru grace and devotion. This Naidu if his third eye is triggered by Swami or Swami's vision is willed by Swami himself. This could also be the case. I know a saint from MP DHAR that lives in jungles and I have every reason to believe his guru contacts him in subtle form or whatever. Now the point is Since you are aggrieve like others in puttaparthy, about Madhusudan Naidu and his gang with their claims , what I would say is that you be a witness to this and Let Swami decide whether Madhusudan Naidu is right in his claim and his projects. Only Swami knows the history of Madhusudan Naidu. and for now Madhusudan Naidu is here to say . Subtle form or not . I personally would only catch the Real Swami and Madhusudan Naidu , I leave Him to Swami to decide. Regards and Sairam

    1. Well, I prefer to follow the teachings & instructions given by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in PUBLIC DISCOURSES on many occasions to NEVER EVER accept claims of mediators and communicators in the context of Sathya Sai Baba. It may be different for other gurus like the one you mentioned. You are free to follow what you feel fit. Let's not get into further discussion on this as it will become an endless argument. I am not asking you not to believe Madhusudan Naidu (or anybody else). I am just stating my view about his claims being FALSE. You are free to ignore my view and follow what you are comfortable with. Jai Sairam!

  4. Sairam Brother , This is my last point to you. It is very brief and would respect your decision. Firstly I am with the Real Swami. secondly, Since mediators tend to misuse Swami's power, our lord used to warn about them. Now, what I am trying to Say is that We need to respect Swami and let us concentrate on Swami and let Swami decide on Madhusudan Naidu and his view. with due respect to you, I have understood your view about his claims being false. That is the end of that Sairam