Thursday, November 22, 2018

Single 135 MB Zip file having all my writings data as of at least Sept. 2018 is publicly shared on my Google Drive

My public Google Drive folder here: has a zip file named: of size 135 MB having all my writings data. This file can be downloaded by anybody on the Internet.

Note that the above Google Drive public folder has some folders and files besides this zip file. The full filename may not be displayed by Google Drive in its default mode. Hovering the mouse over the initial part of filename will show the full file name.

Further note that as the zip file size is very big, Google gives a warning message that it cannot do a virus check on the zip file. However, I have anti-virus on my PC and, so far I have not seen any virus reports. So I think the zip file can be presumed to be virus free. To be doubly sure, after the zip file has been downloaded, users can run anti-virus software on it before using the file.

Alternatively, the share link of the zip file can be used: . Note that this shows a Download option but also shows the message "Oops!" .. "There was a problem with the network".. "Retrying...". I tested the Download option to the point that clicking the download link it shows, starts the big download. So I think the network problem message part can be ignored.

This zip file was created on 21st Nov. 2018 though the latest files within the zip file are of an earlier date. I think the latest files of each blog in XML or pdf format, are not earlier than September 2018.

The zip file has the following contents in zip format or unzipped format:

a) Latest-Blog-Export-Files folder having latest XML (data) backup (export) files from which blogs can be recreated.

b) BooksNBlogBooks-Authored-By-Me-Latest-Versions folder having human readable pdf files (mainly) having my blogs content and my books. Note that it was not possible to get single blog content pdf file due to freeware software limitation and so each blog's content is split into multiple pdf files.

c) Permission to Reuse Books n Blogs.txt text file giving free reuse permission to my content of my books and blogs.

This zip file can be downloaded from above Google Drive public folder. Note that the download takes time as the size is 135 MB.

Note that during viewing of zip file contents (or during unzip of zip file) sometimes one gets a filename too long error. Resolving that error at zip file viewing time is simply copying the file from the viewer into a higher level directory e.g. Desktop, where the filename can be easily accommodated. To resolve the error at zip file extraction time, first copy and paste the zip file to a higher level directory e.g. Desktop, and then do the unzip at that level.

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